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Arthur in the beginning.

Elmer Schur in his Confectionary Store in the early 1900s
Outside the Wagner store/cafe/bar int he late 1930's

Arthur, ND has a rich history that dates back to the area known as the "hill." Originally named Rosedale, the town underwent a significant change in 1882 when it was renamed Arthur in honor of Chester A. Arthur. The construction of the Northern Pacific Railroad and depot marked a pivotal moment, putting Arthur on the map and contributing to its growth. 

The town's first building, the General Store, was erected in 1881. Early Establishments included a confectionery store, hotel, elevator, blacksmith shop, Arthur Garage, Drug Store, and a schoolhouse. The schoolhouse served as a focal point for local events, including church gatherings, Sunday school, community Christmas tree celebrations, and various festivities. 

As Pioneers continued to settle in Arthur, the need for homes and additional buildings arose. The town flourished with the progress brought by the railroad and the courage and faith of its people. While many of the original structures are no longer standing, Arthur thrives today, preserving its history and maintaining a strong sense of community. 

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